The Heinrich Event

A Heinrich Event is a climatic phenomenon, a sudden cooling that occurred at regular intervals during the last Ice Age, triggering a partial collapse of the Northern ice sheets and sending armadas of icebergs floating south. The most recent Heinrich Event is thought to have occurred around 11,000 BC, immediately preceding the start of the Holocene Epoch, the period of warmth and climatic stability which we have enjoyed until very recently.

The Heinrich Event is the name adopted by myself, Annie Harrison, Roger Bygott and Fiona Donald to undertake a collaborative residency in Rogue Project Space. As artists we were initially drawn together by personal connections, shared approaches and interlinked interests in processes and systems. The starting point for the residency became the surprising fact, recorded by Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations, that 18th century England imported most of its apples from Flanders. In addition, and aptly in these times of shifting economic power, we found that the apple originated in the Tien Shan mountains, on the borders of present-day China, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

There is more extensive documentation of the residency at and