Second Degree Potentias

A Potentia is a form of social organisation that prioritises human flourishing and environmental sustainability. A key component of human flourishing is the flourishing of non-human persons, down to microbes and beyond. A Potentia is like a Utopia but rooted in the here and now; it is possible to trace a route from here to Potentia.


Necessary Human Elements of a Potentia
Ink, watercolour, pencil, tempera, fake gold leaf on Hahnemühle paper, 108 x 78 cm, 2016. Photo by Jules Lister

Second Degree Potentias was a curatorial project that took place in 2016.
It comprised:
A Research and Development residency with the artists Roger BygottSandra BouguerchAnnie HarrisonJane Lawson, Monty, Lea Torp Nielsen and Claire Tindale. These are some of the resources that informed the development of the project.
Start Where You Are: Second Degree Potentias, an exhibition at Bloc Projects, Sheffield, featuring new commissions by the artists above, along with work by Tim EtchellsEllie Harrison and John Newling
Democracy Outside participatory performance by Clare Bonetree
Art Possibility Actiona workshop at Sheffield Hallam University investigating how artists can make work that is both politically and artistically effective with presentations from the artist Nina Edge, Kerry Morrison of In Situ, James Marriott of Platform and Liberate Tate.
32-page publication: Start Where You Are


Potentian Thought Experiment N0. 1
Digital prints, mixed media, 2016; other work shown is SiO2 (mixed media, tassels): Lea Torp Nielsen and The York Texts: John Newling (film). Photo by Jules Lister


Potentian and Utopian Timelines
Digital prints, 2015/16. Photo by Jules Lister


Potentian Elements
Mixed Media, 2015/16. Photo by Jules Lister