Press Room logo - black cat behind red block
Collaborative project with Maurice Carlin, Robert Frankle, Jade Montserrat and Pippa Koszerek. PRESS ROOM is an experiment in mirroring the structures and processes of journalism and PR, replacing the journalist with the interventionist – contemporary artists who took on the role of artist-investigator – in order to question and explore how knowledge is constructed and cemented within universal narratives.

Jenn Read singing on the final day of PRESS ROOM
PRESS ROOM ran during the previews of the Venice Biennale (6-8 May 2015) and again during the Creative Time Summit at the Venice Biennale (11-13 August 2015). Short briefs were presented by “guest editors” – artists, writers and curators at breakfast ‘press briefings,’ and responded to by a team of artist-investigators. These breakfast briefings provided opportunities for gathering and discussion before entering the whirlwind of the Biennale previews and the Creative Time conference.

Guest editors included Ania Bas, Charles Gaines, Shonagh Manson, Joanne Masding, Richard Parry, Eleanor Saitta, Gregory Sholette and and Terry Smith.
Artist-investigators included Amy McDonnell, Spazio-Local, Helen Stratford and Webb-Ellis,

Image: Jenn Reid singing Edwin Waugh’s dialect poem Come Whoam to Thi’ Childer An’ Me in response to Vanessa Kwan’s brief “The whole of the institution, the mansion, the city can’t contain the phantom, the figment, the creep; how do we build a home for restless practices?”