Potential Utopian Timelines

Six timelines showing possible routes from here to Utopia. The first was made many years ago and re-found in 2015; the rest were made during the MSB2015 residency at Bloc Projects, Sheffield.

Comments and preferences on the routes to Utopia are colour-coded by venue: pencil – Bloc Projects, Sheffield; red pen – Artwork Atelier, Salford; purple – Stryx, Birmingham; black marker – Brierfield Mill, Brierfield. Please send any comments/preferences you have to jane[@]janelawson.co.uk

Lawson_Potential-Utopian-Timeline-No.-1    Lawson_Potential-Utopian-Timeline-No.-2Lawson_Potential-Utopian-Timeline-No.-3 Lawson_Potential-Utopian-Timeline-No.-4 Lawson_Potential-Utopian-Timeline-No.-5 Lawson_Potential-Utopian-Timeline-No.-6

One of these timelines has, to my surprise, manifested a religion based around Giant Belgian Rabbits with a trigendered deity named Sim/on/e.

Lawson_Potentias_Shrine_to_Sim-on-eOver the past year I’ve been asking people what qualities they’d like in a deity and as a consequence Sim/on/e is compassionate, playful, just, wise, kind, discerning, festive, wish-granting, tolerant, pro-sex, has a surreal sense of humour, is up for cuddles, and is either omnipotent or has a really efficient secretary. Sim/on/e leaves gifts of candyfloss and marshmallows, often manifests as a calming sound and has very comfortable temples.