Intrinsic Recalcitrance (I Bequeath Myself To The Dirt)

Works made for the exhibition This Land Is Our Land 29 June – 3 August 2019, Paper Gallery


Soil Carbon Fungus Brexit Fig 1
Digital print, 2019
a) amount of soil carbon contained in permafrost; years ahead of schedule that permafrost is melting;
b) proportion of UK exports made more expensive/difficult by a #No Deal Brexit;
c) amount of carbon dioxide emitted as a result of 2005 Amazon drought compared to amount normally absorbed by Amazon rainforest in one year;
d) proportion of global land surface threatened by soil degradation;
e) increase in UK families living in poverty while having one or more adult in work;
f) percentage of people polled who, by the final week of the 2016 EU referendum campaign, believed that Turkey was going to be fast-tracked into the EU; proportion of prerequisites for joining the EU that Turkey had met at the time;
g) proportion of spore mass of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi that is made up of symbiotic bacteria;
h) proportion of plant species that partner with mycorrhizal fungi; proportion of fungal species that form mycorrhizal associations with plants;
i) proportion of UK tax expenditure determined by the EU;
j) percentage of global GDP spent on subsidising fossil fuels;
k) proportion of soil’s weight that is alive;
l) ratio of DUP spending on 2015 general election to DUP spending on pro-Leave campaigning in England;
m) number of ten hottest years on record that have taken place in the last decade;
n) proportion of UK electorate who will choose the new leader of the Conservative Party and thus the Prime Minster;
o) relative heat-trapping strengths of different greenhouse gases; and
p) amount of carbon in soil compared to amount of carbon in atmosphere.

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Jane-Lawson_Where-The-Carbon-Is-1_6404Where the Carbon Is #1
Tempera and pencil on paper, 2019

Where the Carbon Is #2
Tempera and pencil on paper, 2019

Jane-Lawson_Terra-Preta-1_6392Terra Preta #1
Ash, biochar, charcoal, cow pat, earthenware, egg yolk, mushroom spores, pencil, pigment, rust and toast on paper, 2019