Being the beginnings of a mapping of a national Incidental Unit Network


In 2019 I was invited to run an event for the Incidental Unit at Manchester Art Gallery, as part of Incidental Futures, a series of events held nationally. I did a brief introduction to consensus decision-making, drawing on my own experience of consensus decision-making, the expertise of the excellent Jed Picksley and on Seeds for Change’s excellent resources.

Asked to make a trace of the event, I started to map a national Incidental Unit network – you can see the pdf here

Flashcards were used.

Consensus-Decision-making-flashcards_5_Jane-Lawson Consensus-Decision-making-flashcards_6_Jane-Lawson Consensus-Decision-making-flashcards_Jane-Lawson Consensus-Decision-making-flashcards_3_Jane-Lawson