Upcoming: The Ground Beneath Your Feet, Castlefield Gallery, 2 Hewitt Street, Manchester M15 4GB
Mycorrhizal Gathering 1: Inoculation – Saturday 24th November, Castlefield Gallery/Hulme Community Garden Centre, 10:30-5:30
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Jane_Lawson_The_Artist_Is_Responsible wall paintingLawson_Detoxification_of_Capitalism_and_FreedomManifesto #2Detail of MM1: Study for a possible future no. 1
Brierfield timeline installed in Brierfield MillBioremediation I: pink oyster mushrooms growing on Milton FriedmanHow-We-Got-To-Where-We-AreFlood 2011
Tory Cuts Mind MapNothing Whatever Must Be Clung To II - ink floor paintingWythenshawe Forever!